How to Pick a Lightweight Double Stroller for Your Toddler

How to Pick a Lightweight Double Stroller for Your Toddler

Buying a single stroller for your baby can itself be overwhelming. But when you have two kids and have to pick Lightweight Double Strollers it can get that much more difficult and confusing. In such a confused state of mind it is easy to go wrong.

However, here are a few tips that you can use to make sure that you buy the right type of double stroller for your babies.

  • Age and Weight of the Kids

The first thing that you should do is consider the age of your kids and their weight. These two factors will help you decide which design would work best for you. If your kids are too far apart and in different weight groups, then you may need a different type of stroller because of the weight distribution.

  • Designs of Double Strollers

There are many different designs of double strollers available in the market today. You need to understand how each design would work and which one would be ideal for you. For example, there is a side by side design which is deal for families with twins. You may not want to use it for kids that are not twins because the change in weight distribution may cause the stroller to topple over.

Similarly, if your older kid has already started walking and prefers to walk and not just sit in the stroller then, you may want to buy a design that allows you to set up a platform behind the baby seat. This way the older one can stand on the stroller when tired and need not walk around.

So, it is better to understand the designs first and then purchase one.

  • Your Lifestyle

Some parents tend to use a stroller only when they take their kids out for a breath of fresh air in the park. However, there are some who prefer to carry their kids around in the stroller when grocery shopping in the mall. Then there are a few parents who like to run with the stroller to get their daily dose of exercise. There are different strollers designed for each lifestyle use. You may not be able to maneuver through narrow spaces of malls with a side by stroller. Similarly, you may not be able to use a tandem stroller when traveling. So, you need to consider your lifestyle as well.

  • Consider Performance

Different stroller brands and designs have different types of performance. Some are ideal for traveling while some are good for rough terrains like hiking trails. Some have better suspension mechanism while others have better cushioning in place. A good way to go about here is to read customer reviews.

  • Check for Safety

Nothing is more important than the safety of the kid in the stroller. So, see what safety mechanism the stroller has in place. Is it sturdy enough? Does it have good cushions? Does it have good wheels and suspension to cushion the jerks? All these things will matter.

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