How To Find The Perfect Laptop Sleeve Bags?

How To Find The Perfect Laptop Sleeve Bags?

For travelers, students, and business executives laptop sleeve bags are a necessity. So here we are sharing ways in which you can find the right one.


Have a goal in mind before shopping for laptop bags. Get a better idea of what you really need through questions. Rate the importance of each question on a range of one to five with five being a definitive “yes” and one a definitive “no”.

If so, you’ll want to look for a bag that at least completely covers the laptop i.e. shuts securely. This is a very important point to consider even if you have no intention of going out in the rain – you could get caught in it during a long walk to class or commute to work.

The question is:

 -Will the bag be exposed to the elements?

-Will the bag face a lot of wear and tear?

-Will you carry extra gear in the bag beside the laptop?

-Will you carry the bag for extended periods of time?

Bag and laptop Compartment Size Considerations

Laptop bags are typically marketed to fit certain size laptops such as 14-15” or 16-17”. It’s almost certain that a 17.3” laptop isn’t going to fit a bag intended for a 14” model.

Remember your response to the third question above as what other items you intend to take in the bag; the bag’s specifications should list the total carrying capacity or at least show photos with example items inside. To play it safe, you should choose a bag that allows you to fit all your items inside with 20% room to spare.

Build Quality and Material

Your answers to the first two questions play a role here; the more you use the bag, the more it makes sense to pay for a well-made one.

Shoulder Strap Considerations

The shoulder strap might feel good in the store but that’s not with all your stuff in the bag and carrying it around for 10-20 minutes. The shoulder strap itself should be made of a wear-resistant material– pay keen attention to the leading edges to see if they look like they’ll fray over time. The shoulder pad is where the weight of the bag will be supported on your shoulder every time.

So find your exact needs and purchase the bag which serves your purpose well. The crucial thing is that the bag should last for years.

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