Few Useful Tips to Buy Akoya Pearls

Few Useful Tips to Buy Akoya Pearls

There are a lot of varieties of beautiful charming Akoya pearls, customers often feel uncertain while choosing the right Akoya pearl jewels in the showroom or while buying online. To wade off the feeling of uncertainty, it will be helpful to know and understand about Akoya pearls.

Here are few interesting things about Akoya pearls

It is saltwater pearls cultured in calm ocean shores of Japan. It was one of the first kinds of cultured pearls created by Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of cultured pearls. Presently, the pearls of this kind are cultured on the shores of China and Vietnam as well. However, till date the best Akoya pearls are cultured only in Japan as the oyster’s thick nucleus is used to make pearls to enhance its beautiful brilliant shining appearance. Generally, Akoya pearls are known to be pure, perfect round shape and small pearls are able to be set in jewel ornaments.  Its superior quality is the main reason why this kind of pearl is different from other pearls.

What you need to search while buying Akoya pearls?

  • Size of the pearls – Normally they are the smallest of pearls ranging from 3mm to 9.5mm in size. The largest size pearl like 9.5mm to 10 mm are rare to find and are quite expensive. The popular sizes mainly preferred by jewellers are 6mm to 8mm for making necklaces and earrings.
  • Note the overtones of the pearls. Normally Akoya pearls are white colour having light shades of pink, sometimes appear to be cream and even shine like silver. There is even a shade of Midnight blue colour which is quite rare to find in shops and is highly expensive. You just need to choose the right colour overtone of the pearls blending well with your skin tone. The pinkish and cream colour overtones match well when mounted on gold jewels.
  • Never forget to verify its lustre. The shining brilliance of the pearl surface reflects the quality of the pearls. The way the pearl is able to reflect the light on it helps in ranking high while graded as best flawless pearls.

You can even choose from Hanadama Akoya pearls, the best pearls in the globe, fully worth of every penny you spend on it as they are flawless in every aspect.

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