Everything A Man Should Know About His Tie

Everything A Man Should Know About His Tie

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Loved and hated in equal parts, the tie is now an accessory that men, whether they want or not, cannot escape. And he still has a side to discover.

It was the mid-seventeenth century when the bizarre French king Louis XIV received the Croatian mercenaries who had come to win a war against the Turks. The monarch saw in those mercenaries something that he liked much more than his weapons, something that, without being conscious, forever changed the way of dressing of all the men of the planet. The king loved a colorful handkerchief tied to the neck that dropped one of its ends in the chest and that they called Hrvatska. What trendsetter, King Sun incorporated that garment to one of his royal guards, called Cravette and became a fashion. And so the tie was born.

Loved and hated in equal parts, the tie is now an accessory that man, whether they want or not, cannot escape. But despite its more than three centuries of history, it still has aspects that are really unknown to many. From the best materials to choose one, to its rivalry with the bow tie… We review the hidden side (and not so much) of this basic custom ties.

Measures of the tie

Although it depends on fashions (in the beginning they became enormous handkerchiefs), the most usual thing today is to find them between 7.5 to 8.5 centimeters wide. The most important thing is that they match the measurements of the lapels of the suit, having to match the widest part of the label with the width of the tie. 

But with the arrival of slim ties (6.5 centimeters) and skinny (5 centimeters) have broken all schemes and the width of the tie is no longer a rule to be a personal matter. The length gives much less game when making the knot the tip has to reach the waist; as simple as that. 

Ideally, they should be made of silk because they can be used all year round. To know if silk is of a certain quality, worry only about one thing: that it does not wrinkle. Just pinch the tie and check that it is back in place. In addition, the fabric of the lining must be sufficiently consistent so that the knot holds in place and is not deformed, so it is recommended that it be 100% wool.

What Are The Best Fabrics?

As with clothes, each fabric has its season and those made of wool are more advisable in winter while those made of linen are better for summer. The ideal mix? Silk and linen provide a perfect texture.

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