5 Ways for Planning and Promotion of Your Business of Kids Clothing as Wholesaler

5 Ways for Planning and Promotion of Your Business of Kids Clothing as Wholesaler

The world is now going around with the help of the new fashion statement and most of these statements are done through clothing and other accessories that go with the fashion expressing clothes. When you are a businessman who is going to sell the kids clothing wholesaler Suncity for your customers – you must think of the modern fashion trend. Keep a good stock of modern clothes for the kids section and then you will find a good demand for your stock. You will like to supply to the retailers a good quality stock that will be liked by their customers. This way the retailers will feel happy to do more business with you.

Prepare discount scheme to push sale

There are times when it is dull time and there are no holiday seasons for people to buy more clothes. You can prepare some discount scheme for the retailers and send them mails. They would love the scheme and make preparations to sell the clothes and avail the discount. This will increase their profit and they would try to push the sale up by more advertisements and pop ups and vocal ads. You can keep cute clothes for kids and branded stocks too. These will attract the customers for your retailers.

Guidance to the customers

There are well intended retailers who do not have much idea about the market and they do not keep a handy data of their regular customers. You can give these ideas to the retailers to collect the data of customers so that they can send them emails when a trendy stock gets in.

Planning to grow your network

The retailers also need to make plans and to know the target markets for specific clothes. They should plan ahead and you can discuss this with them while doing the same with your retailer customers. You will find your network is growing stronger as they start feeling friendly towards you.

Attractive promotions

You will find that promotional activities will bring out more sales from your end. You will find short term promotions will create a craze to buy the goods. You can then sell off the old stock that you feel – must move faster. Put up these promotions with your dealers, call them or send them messages so that they know about such deals and buy them from you. There are some promotional ideas with Buy one Get one free, Buy one Get one at half price and a discount scheme of getting a good stock clear sale at 50% off.

Managing and decorating display window

When you are doing business, the display window is very important place to use as the tool for selling. You can keep up a dusty and neglected window with old stocks in display. You can also keep it clean and tidy and attractive. You will love it when you put up new fashions on your window and find people asking for those same fashions for buying. Change the display on the window regularly and keep shifting the decorations. It will become a center of attraction for your store. You can also show off the various types of clothes that are coming in and are trendy. Interested buyers will keep coming in and you will find the change making you happy.

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